Predator far the best lights on the market

Posted: Apr 07 2016

These lights are incredible! We started using a demo pair of predator lights about a year ago. Brian who introduced them to us gave me a call told me about them and asked if we could check them out. So we went out fishing the Hilo Hawaii coastal area, parked, set up our gear, and Brian pulls out the predator lights. First he banged them on the deck...I thought he was crazy and our night fishing was going to end before it even got started. He explained that the construction materials are top of the line and these light can handle. My experience with fishing lights is one oops against the side of boat or engine and light broke. He plugged in the light (out of the water on the deck)and bam the brightest light I've ever seen. He enjoyed hitting the light against the rails, deck, and any other hard surface to prove his point about the quality. never even blinked. We put the green light in first and the glow was incredible. I could see bait fish immediately. So we caught about 20-30 lbs of small bait fish and decided to switch out lights. As Brian pulled the green predator light from water making sure he hit everything possible. .not even a flicker..he put it on the deck and used it's light to find and hook up the white predator light. Wow bright I believe the people on shore could see..we dropped it in..yes hitting could see everything 30-40 a spear fisherman I wanted to jump in and spear fish but thought better of it...we put about three hundred lbs of fish in the cooler that night.

Predator far the best lights on the market,
Micah g.
BareBones Hawaii


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