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Predator Fishing Lights is owned and operated by Radium Incorporated, a power industry equipment, tool and service provider. Originally developed for industrial and hazardous area applications such as nuclear diving, our new line of fishing lights can handle the offshore punishment while attracting tons of fish through our green LED technology. Our patented ( #9310067) design solves the frustrations you experience with cheap tube fishing lights, PLUS they are waterproof to 100 feet deep!

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Predator Fishing Lights
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    Night Fishing in Florida using Green Lights: An Adventure in the Dark

    Introduction: Fishing is a beloved pastime for many, but have you ever tried fishing at night? Night fishing in Florida using green lights can be an unforgettable adventure, full of excitement and unique challenges. This type of fishing requires a different approach and gear, but the rewards can be well...

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    Successful Lake Fishing Using Light as the Bait

    Being a Texas native growing up in a land full of lakes, ponds, rivers and creeks makes it really hard not to have fishing as one of your lifelong hobbies. I myself have been fishing since I have had the strength to hold a fishing pole. Fishing has just been...

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    Night Fishing in Columbia South Carolina

    By Christopher "Riff" Browning Summertime in Columbia, South Carolina is one word “HOT”.  Luckily we have beautiful Lake Murray in our backyard.  With temperatures usually in the high 90’s to just above 100 degrees it is usually too hot to fish in the middle of the day.  If you’re like me...

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    Welcome to Predator Fishing Lights!

    After many requests from our utility and power customers of our industrial LED StickLight units, we have now launched the Predator Fishing Lights product line. The same quality goes into our fishing lights that you have expected from our industrial LED lights. Feel free to browse our new store and come...

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