LED Fishing Lights - 12 VDC

LED Fishing Lights that rated for 100 feet deep and made from stainless steel, silicone, and other high grade marine materials. Ready for night fishing!
  • Green LED Fishing Stick Light Green LED Fishing Stick Light

    Green LED Fishing Stick Light

    from $ 94.95 - $ 145.00
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    Green LED Fishing Stick Light

    Green LED Fishing Stick Light

    $ 94.95

    The Green LED Fishing Stick Light delivers superior brightness and light coverage, as well as unmatched versatility in a patented (#9310067) compact and durable design. We use superior materials such as 316 Grade Stainless Steel and silicone for to ensure your underwater light will have a very long life. Our unique design has a stainless steel (SS) center shaft that is strong enough to use inline with cables or chain.  The SS eye nuts at each end allow the use of accessories such as weights, hooks, cameras, air lift bags, anchors, and other fasteners. 

    All of our fishing lights have our Universal Power Connector to connect to battery clamps, cigarette lighter connection, or battery slide terminals. When you purchase the light, you select the power connection of your choice with the option to purchase additional power connectors.

    Our green LED technology is designed to penetrate the water effectively with the most lumens possible. With all of the optional sizes and cable lengths, you can perfectly position your light in your favorite fishing hole.


    • Green Spectrum Light
    • 360 Degree Light Coverage
    • 50,000 Hours of LED Life
    • Waterproof to 100 ft
    • Shatterproof Clear Housing Design
    • 12 VDC Powered - Battery not Included (Deep Cycle Marine Battery Recommended)
    • Standard 25 ft Power Cable with our interchangable power connector (select connection option)
    • 316 Stainless Steel Eye Nuts at each end of light to add weight, cables, chain, or anything
    • Universal Power Connector - Connect any of our optional power adaptors.
    • Free of Hazardous Materials (vs. mercury containing fluorescent tubes)
    • Positively Buoyant (sink by attaching weights to either end of the light)


    • Current draw for the 1 Foot Model with 25 foot cable is  1.71 A for 12 VDC (Battery Size Example: To operate for 4 hours, you would need a 7+ aH Battery)
    • Current draw for the 2 Foot Model with 25 foot cable is is 2.15 A for 12 VDC (Battery Size Example: To operate for 4 hours, you would need a 9+ aH Battery)

    Accessories & Options

    • Corrosion Resistant Cables in 25, 60, and 100 foot lengths
    • Welded, Eye Nut Anchor Point (currently attached using thread locker)
    • Anchor Weights
    • Optional LED Colors
    • Non-Spillable Battery (Sealed Lead-Acid) Connections
    • Stainless Steel Cable



         WEIGHT (light only)


        1 Ft 13.0" L x 1-3/4" tube 1 lb 3,600+
        2 Ft 25.5" L x 1-3/4" tube 2 lb 4,500+